Working method

This is how we work

Collaborating with Translation Office is easy and fast. You always have a dedicated point of contact for your project, and we work according to a fixed four-step procedure.   

1. Request a quotation

You can easily request a quotation via the website or by e-mail. You can request a quotation for translation work in any language. We can always link the right translator to your project, regardless of the language or specialisation. Are you looking for a sworn translator? That, too, is entirely possible. Do you have specific wishes? If so, we would love to hear about them.

2. Proposal

You will receive a quotation from your dedicated contact person on the same day. On working days, this is often within one hour.

In the proposal you will find, among other things, the amount per word for the translation, an analysis of the text to be translated and, of course, when we can deliver the text. If we have previously provided translations for your company, you will also find the results from the translation memory and whether there is overlap with previous translations in the quotation.

When you receive the quotation, we have already informed the right translator behind the scenes of the possible project. This allows us to start quickly after we have received your approval of the proposal.

3. Confirmation

After you have approved the quotation by e-mail, you will receive an official confirmation from us. As soon as you have received this confirmation, we will officially start your translation.

4. Delivery

We will send the translation to you within the agreed period. We often do this digitally. You will receive sworn translations (after digital approval) by post as well, since these documents will be stamped and signed by the translator.


Frequently asked questions

Which languages can you have texts translated into?

A good translation agency can translate into all the most widely spoken languages, and often also into a large number of languages that are spoken less frequently. The larger the translation agency, the larger the network of translators in different languages. Most of the requests we receive are for translations into English, translations into German, translations into French and translations into Spanish.

Who are you translators?

Translation Office works with a large international network of native translators. They mainly work from their home countries. Thanks to our large network, we can always deploy the right translator for your translation, depending on the required language skills or professional knowledge.

What is a translation memory?

A translation memory is a software system that a translation agency uses to quickly translate texts. A translation memory is also called a TM System (Translation Memory System). It snips out pieces of text in the main file that have already been translated. When these pieces are repeated in the main file, the translation is copied, and the translator does not have to look at them again.

Because the translator does not have to retranslate texts that have already been translated, a TM system can help to control the costs of a translation. Think, for example, about translating a thick catalogue. The TM system indicates which texts have already been translated earlier in the document. This reduces translation costs and ensures consistency in the document.

What is the advantage of a translation memory or terminology list?

Do we translate texts for you more often? Then we can store the translation memory and also apply it to future documents. Does a text match another document that has already been translated? Then we use the translation from that document. We can also draw up a terminology list for your company. This is a ‘dictionary’ with translations of certain words. Our translators then always use the words that appear in the terminology list.

What are machine translations?

When a translation is automatically translated via a computer, without the involvement of a person, this is called a machine translation. Translations done with Google Translate are an example of this.

Does a good translation agency use machine translations?

A good translation agency does not use machine translations. They work with native translators who read, translate and reread every text. This is more labour-intensive than using a machine translation but improves the quality of the translation because a computer cannot properly assess the content or legibility of a text.

Do you work with non-disclosure agreements?

We treat every translation project as strictly confidential. If desired, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Can a specific writing style be used?

Our translators always ensure that the writing style from the source language is maintained in the translation. Therefore, we always work with native translators who have knowledge of the subject matter of your text.

How can I confirm my quote?

You can confirm the quote via email. Upon receiving your approval, we will send you a confirmation via email and proceed with the translation task.

How do I submit a document for translation?

You can submit files digitally through our website or via email to This allows us to provide an accurate quote based on the entire document, not just the specified word count. We prefer the following file formats:.

- Microsoft Word, Excel of Powerpoint;
- PDF;
- XML files;
- Plain text documents(CSV);
- JSON (.json) files;
- Gettext (.po, .pot) files.

Is your document available in a different file format? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Is it possible to include a terminology list?

Yes, it is possible to include a terminology list with your request. When we receive a terminology list, we can ensure that your translation aligns with any existing translations for your company.

Why are sworn translations sent by post?

A sworn translation is certified and signed by the sworn translator, confirming that the document has been translated as literally as possible. Since the translated document is an official record, these translations are always sent by post.

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