English translation agency

Engelse teksten professioneel vertaald

English translation agency

Are you looking for a translation agency to do a professional English translation at a low cost? Look no further! As a translation agency, we specialise in English translations. At Translation Office, we deliver translations of the best quality and at the lowest price. We don't settle for less.

Your professional translation quickly

Translation Office can translate your texts quickly and accurately from and into English at a low cost. A professional English translation is more than just translating words into English. For this reason, hiring an English translation agency is not an unnecessary luxury. We do not work with translation machines but only select English translators who translate to their native language. Do you need a translation urgently? No problem! At Translation Office, we strive to deliver a translation project of up to 1,000 English words within 24 hours.

Cost of translating English texts: starting at €0.06 per word

Translation Office works with freelance English sworn translators who translate from their own country. Thanks to our global network, our costs for translating from and into English are very low, which we are happy to pass on to you as a client. As a translation agency, we strive to be the cheapest provider with the best quality. Our costs? We translate texts from and into English starting at €0.06 per word.


A professional translation is more than just translating words into another language. We believe that a translation best comes into its own when done by a native translator who can perfectly express your text in his or her language and cultural style..

Take, for example, the difference between British English and American English. Although these languages are similar, there are differences. At Translation Office, you can be sure that your English texts will be translated correctly with respect to word usage, grammar and spelling.

Thanks to our extensive network of freelance translators, we as a translation agency can link the right English translator(s) to each project. This gives you the quality you want!

Rates for English translation agency

You probably think: this sounds good, but what will I pay for my translation? The rates of our translation agency start from just €0.06 excluding VAT per word! Curious about what the translation of your text will cost? Request a non-binding quotation for a translation from us, or just contact us!


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